New Catsuit Styles & Prints This Week

23 Sep

Hi girls! Here’s an update on what you might have missed this week. We added a new print and it’s GORGEOUS! My new favorite. It’s called Rainbow Multi 2. Obviously Femme Jolie is BIG on animal prints but this one has the most perfect combination of colors which makes it POP!

This is what it looks like..

Rainbow Multi 2

Right? Isn’t it pretty? Well, we have already added it to our options for all catsuits. BTW if you ever see that a print is missing from the menus, let us know! It might be a mistake. I’ve had customers e-mail in the past and thankfully I was able to add the print just in time for them to purchase the style they wanted.

ALSO, we added the 3/4 sleeve catsuit in lycra, metallic long catsuit, and the 3/4 sleeve metallic catsuit to our product catalog. Make sure to check them out and if you have any suggestions make sure to send them to

We love hearing from our customers.



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